I want to buy program-educational tool / electronic textbook.

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What is the difference between personal and network versions of PPZ?

Personal version is designed for installation on only one computer and has only onemode - "mode learning."

The Network version is designed for installation in computer class-room incorporates:

  1. Working place of a teacher that can be installed on a teacher's computer (server);
  2. Working place of a student, which can be installed on unlimited number of computers in the local network.

The Network version of electronic means of instruction provides ability to keep a log of student achievement, create new lessons by help of lesson constructor, to test students' knowledge and more, which is not in the personal version.

Why each of electronic text-book on the portal has only few lectures and tests?

For each electronic means of instruction we opened a few lectures and tests because of demonstration purposes, for familiarization with the content and quality of educational material. so as to evaluate it before buying. Plsease, check our price list. For more information please contact our managers Contact form.

When I try to log on to the softwre, after entering your login and password, an error occur

You have to use Latin alphabet with no spaces for installation path

How can I contact you?

Please, use the Contact form. On the form you will be able to choose type of your message: question, proposal, remark, feedback

Can I send message to the forum as anonymous user?

No, you can't

Can I need registration for use of forum?

For viewing the forum the registration is not necessary. In case if you want to take part in the discussion then you have to identify yourself and thus you have to register/login to the system.


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