LLC "SMIT Company" is a leading developer of the electronic means of instruction, supporting connection both with the Ukrainian and with the European consumers and the investors.

Since 2003 LLC "SMIT Company" — the acknowledged Ukrainian leader on the market of pedagogical software and electronic content and textbooks. Schoolboys and students, as well as teachers (Tutors), are willing to use our products, attracted by modern multimedia technologies used while the creation: the large number of flash-animations, audio, video, interactivity. To teachers and instructors pleases convenient interface, the thoroughly thought-out to the trifles system of evaluation and checking of knowledge.

For the purpose of acquaintance with the production and the popularization of pedagogical software, SMIT Company regularly carries out the seminars, including training, to which invite the instructors and students.

The production of our company, both printed publications and eLearning software, are used by universities and academies as the prizes in student Olympiads and is the worthy reward to conquerors.

All developments of LLC "SMIT Company" passed the commission of the scientific methods council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Also we have been certified to the system of management of quality ISO9001-2001.

Continuously, we improve our eLearning software, develop new courses and support all our clients.

We guarantee you the protection of copyrights!


Тесторіум - це безкоштовна система по створенню тестів та проведення тестування, призначена для вчителів (викладачів) і учнів (студентів) освітніх закладів. Докладніше тут...